Texas Waterway Operators Association


  • Trade association representing 27 Member Companies
    • All Owners and Operators of Marine Equipment in Texas
      • Towing Vessels
      • Tank Barge Operators
      • Ship handling Tugs
      • Deck and Hopper Barges
      • Marine Fueling Services

Overview of the US Navigation System

TWOA is critical to Supply Chain:

TWOA is critical to Supply Chain:



Industry Facts:

  • Inland Marine services move 16% of the nations freight at 4% of the freight bill
  • The current US fleet consists of 18,300 dry cargo barges and 2,700 liquid tank barges.
  • Barges are mobile, Best, carry wide range of cargoes, and service different geographic markets
  • Inland waterway system plays a vital role in the pretty U.S. economy.
  • Inland waterway system is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation

Container On Barge:

  • Transports containers on barge on U.S. inland waterway system and Gulf of Mexico
  • Future growth opportunity as U.S. contends with congestion problems
  • Provides attractive alternative to rail and truck with
    • Lower fuel consumption
    • Lower NOX emissions per ton Mile
    • Lower Cost per ton mile
    • Compared to trucking, elimination of road wear associated with long haul interstate movments.
  • Complementary to existing inland marine distribution system and customer base
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